Wesley Lin
Why Choose Us
A. 1st company in the world to produce 3 pistons pump for machine less than 3L/min
B. Have the best performance small misting system in China;
C. Have advanced touch key and APP operation system;
D. Have R&D;
E. Whole company only for small fog machine Taizhou Fog Machine Co., Ltd (FG machine) is located in the city center of Linhai and established on 17th June, 2015, It's developed from Linhai Dex Machinery Co., Ltd. In the pasted 18 years, Dex mainly produced high precision parts such as Truck gear box, and exclusively supply to State-owned & military enterprise, to Shanxi Aerospace Power Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., to United State CAT & so on. We have independent R&D, domestic & international sale, independent producing ability, and owned over 100 workers & more than 50 sets CNC Lathe & VMC system.

In combination with Linhai city advantage of outdoor leisure products, FG machine strive to invest on outdoor cooling system: misting system (Fog machine), After 16 months R&D, the 1st generation fog machine was offline on 1st April, 2013 year; Then in next 18 months R&D, the 2nd generation machine was offline on 1st October, 2014 year, with the help of market great sale, we decided to improve company name from DEX to FG machine, at the same time, we invite a famous Germany company to design the world newest 3 cylinders pump for us, and also get Japanese advanced electronic control system, finally, the newest 3rd Generation Intelligent machine is ready on 1st April, 2016. Now, the new machine technology & user experience is much higher than other Chinese competitors and it's same level as some advanced Italian product.

FG machine will continuing invest on the innovation & technology, also widen product variety & improve product grade, we strive to have high level and excellent outdoor cooling solution products & programme for family, outdoor shop, Large supermarket , open platform... etc. in next 5 years.